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Our Products

We provide different products, each tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our core products are “Your Report” and “Competitor Report”. These reports come with a set of preselected variables that offer insights into your or your competition’s current workforce situation and of course, give a balanced overview on your health score. For an even deeper understanding, our ‘Deep Dive’ provides optional access to specific issues such as fluctuation, quiet quitting, an everything that you can find in our shopping cart.

Our customized comprehensive package includes all variables, along with additional support from our team to guide you to take informed decisions.

Your Report

“Understand yourself better“

Balanced distribution of operational and strategic insights

Your report, including 8 precurated variables


Starting at 5k Euro

Subject to availability, scope and complexity


4 weeks

What is included: 

Your report is the gold standard of strategic and operational variables.

It gives you a general overview of your current company status. 


A balanced mix of high-level strategic and operational variables will equip you with a solid understanding of your own position with respect to the market.


The relevance-based variables of interest are:


General Variables:

- Workforce constellation: A break down of your employee and level distribution to show immediate bottlenecks and possible succession issues

- Workforce resilience: The tenure across levels highlights the stability and robustness of the experience compared to the market


Strategic Variables:

- Lack of Mid management Company Experience: Benchmark how novel the mid management is to the company which can cause frictions.

- Loss of Knowledge Carriers : Amount of (recent) knowledge carriers (>2 y position experience) among leavers


Operational Variables:

- Senior and Mid Management Fluctuations: Amount of role fluctuation across levels

- Mid management Experience: Amount of mid managers with limited experience in their position


“Your unfair competitive advantage”

Focus on strategic variables that can confirm or challenge your strategy

Competitor report including 6 precurated  variables


Starting at 5k Euro

Subject to availability, scope and complexity


4 weeks

What is included: 

You will get access strategic insights on your chosen competitor.

It includes 6 variables on your target to provide you with an unfair competitive advantage.


Mainly strategic variables have a strong impact on your company’s market positioning.


The relevance-based variables of interest are:


General Variables:

- Workforce constellation: A break down of your conpetitor’s employee and level distribution to show where they might lack succession and experience


Strategic Variables:

- Early Resignations: Amount of people that leave below two years as a signal for misshiring

- Waves of resignation: Patterns when your competitor loses employees

- Loss of knowledge carriers: Amount of competitor’s knowledge carriers (>2 y position experience) among leavers

- Senior Management Tenure: Share of inexperienced competitor leadership


Operational Variables:

- Midmanagement Experience: Amount of midmanagers with limited experience in their position

Boosted Insights

„Strengths & weaknesses in depth“

Pick out of  >50 variables

Learn what impacted your score the most and act immediately

Report of chosen add-on variables


Based on additional variables

Price per variable – between 2k-6k



6 weeks

What is included: 

Your health score is based on >50 variables.

However, the standard report only depicts 8 variables.


Working towards a fully transparent 360 on your company (or your competition) provides you with the exact areas to give additional attention to. If there is significant deviation from your industry and peer group benchmark, you might be interested to know.


This package gives you the possibility to access and choose from all variables that form your score.

Capture can advise you on which variables to pick and consequences if required.


Possibly relevant variables which are not included in the standard report:

Strategic boosts:


1.How often were your hires money-burning only?

2.Which quality is coming and leaving your company?

3.What is going on in your competiors‘ leadership?

Are there „headcount shocks“ happening and where

Operational boosts: 


1.How many employees are planning to leave you?

2.Are your promotion cycles competitive or changing?

3.Is the business exposed due to lack of skilled teams?

4.What are your bottlenecks in key positions?

Full Service Package

„Know everything there is to know“

A comprehensive report on every variable (>50) +1 full update incl.


Additional 8h Capture consulting

1 extra basic comeptitor report incl.


Starting at 50k Euro

Subject to availability, scope and complexity


8 weeks

What is included: 

Knowing yourself and your competition is a great foundation.


However, the full picture (all >50 variables) of your own and competitors’ environment will likely give you the definite strategic and operational edge. Decide to focus on sweet spots or push hard on your competitors’ weaknesses.


The Full Service Package will give you access to all 50+ variables. 

It will also provide you with additional 8h of Capture consulting, ensuring you make the most out of the data.

We help you to connect different concepts and interlinked variables, digging deeper into what the data shows about your short- ,mid-, and long-term positioning.

Also included, one guaranteed full update of your report after a pre-agreed period, typically between 6-12 months.

This can demonstrate if you achieved an intended  workforce impact based on your implemented initiatives.

Lastly, one additional basic competitor report is included in this offering.


Why consider this offer from a cost perspective?

Regular Pricing:

- Your basic report:    8-15k 

- One competitor report:   8-15k

- One Update after x months:   16-30k (2 times regular cost)

- 8h individual training:  3.5k

- Buy variables separately:   30-40k (for 6 variables individually purchased)

  120k (all variables separately purchased)


Cost:   65,5k-183,5k; additional cost between 30 - 367% compared to offer

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