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Our Models

Two years prior to launching we created two models that facilitate the identification of stressors within your company. These models are Capture exclusive and aim to provide you  with the greatest possible relevance to drive outcome. The concepts have been meticulously developed based on scientific research and with professional support. 

Staircase Model1.png


The Staircase Model results in the Capture Health Score with four dimensions put together in the top bar.


This is your overall score, displaying how healthy you are.


Indicated by white arrows you can see comparisons to the peer group average (at overall and dimension levels)

The dimensions return either blue (good), yellow (issues) or red (trouble), indicating your individual dimension‘s performance.

Key Facts:

•51 variables across four dimensions (90% quantitative variables, 10% controls to put everything in perspective)

•Each variable has a different weight and different triggers, contributing toward their dimension

•Model developed together with leading HR Executives, Recruiters, and Organizational Psychologists

Each dimension contributes with their predefined weight to the Capture Score

•The weights of the dimensions are increasing as the impact on the company health grows proportionally

•Each dimension absorbs variables and combines the impact of the prior dimension, creating more relevance for the score

Unique Benchmark Features

•Capture Score compared to peer group

•Every variable always compared to peer group (also shown in every report)

•Every dimension always compared to peer group


If a company pyramid deviates substantially from the Industry Best Practices, showing for example more mid level employees than junior level employees, this is a first strong indicator of a potentially stressful environment regarding the four different dimensions (Applicant, Employee, Department, Organisation).


The described ”orange or vase shape” –many mid employees while few juniors or alternatively few mid employees and many junio- is an outcome leading companies across industries seldomly show.

To derive the pyramid structure >100 companies across industries have been analysed.


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