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We help our clients

to understand their workforce better.

Today´s reality

Quiet Quitting  

affecting 2 out of 3 employees in your company!

Gallup Report, 2023

Society of Human Ressource Management

We help you change

Capture is your long-term strategy validation tool with a concrete operational approach to act.

Big picture benchmarking and individual operational proposals help you understand companies better than ever before.

Our analyses provide a realtime assessment how you and your competition are doing based on current employee data - and everything GDPR conform. 

Some insights we deliver

Capture Intelligence: Reports, consisting of >50 high impact strategic and operational variables 

Strategic Impact
– Get Confirmation

•Where you want to grow vs. the market 

•How often fail mid and senior management hires

•To whom and how often are strategically irreplaceable employees leaving

Operational Impact
– Get Correction

•Understand your talent churn rate and how to counteract

•Warning signals of operative risk due to fluctuation

•Identify likely company leavers

Our ways of working



"You gain trust in the deliverables"



"You enter reality - 

understand yourself compared to others"



"You are confident to act based on evidence"

We offer the necessary information to continuously engage with and keep your workforce. 

Capture Offering

Who should care?



One of the biggest cost drivers in organisations are strategical personnell misdecisions.

Quiet Quitting impacts more than half of your workforce, costing you more than an annual salary.

Missing were your competition is going puts your company at direct strategic and operational risk. 

Get these insights with our report!


Human Resource

Are you also caught between a rock and a hard place?

Whatever you do, someone will immediately complain dearly.

You have probably no time, no evidence on workforce analytics and no voice in the company. 

With our report, you can start to act instead of fire-fighting!


Merger & Acquisitions

The reason why so many acquisitons fail is missing organisational compatibility between target & acquirer.

Main reason and invisible aspect in the due dilligence process is missassessment of the company culture & workforce health. 

Looking good from the outside, but troubled from the inside is what you need to know!

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